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Unlock Future Lawn Care
Get the latest updates on robot mowers, gardening life, and exciting giveaways.

Robot Mower

Life Is Lived In the Garden


Enhance, Adapt, Transform

168极速赛车(官方)记录查询结果、号码、历史1分钟-Technical Solutions

  • Precise Positioning System
  • All-Around Sensing System
  • Superior Adaptability
  • Strong Central Processing Units

Our high-precision positioning system combines RTK, vSLAM, and INS for centimeter-level accuracy, ensuring reliable performance in any garden setting.

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RoboUP's sophisticated all-around sensing technology allows for obstacle detection, ensuring a safe and efficient operation. This includes the use of AI cameras, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, light sensors, temperature sensors, rain sensors, and a lift sensor.

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RoboUP excels in diverse garden settings. Its adaptive mowing and drive system make it suitable for efficiently mowing various lawn types, navigating precisely even on uneven terrain.

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RoboUP incorporates advanced processors for smart route planning and Over-the-Air updates, ensuring ongoing enhancements in performance and functionality.

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Get the latest updates on robot mowers, gardening life, and exciting giveaways.

Unlock Future Lawn Care

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